Sunday, 2 June 2013

Goals of a Oldhammer Collector


Right while hunting for a few Orks on various forums i started wondering about collecting lead and the goals that drive you too keep hunting for those missing mini's from your own collection.

Now for me when i start a new army i have 4 goals in mind, first goal is a simple one and that's get as many figures for that force as I can in the quickest time frame possible. Second goal is too make a effective and legal playable force, at this time point I'd like to point out that I like to play current rules but with old mini's. Third goal is what i happen to enjoy the most and that's getting them painted, now while this is the third goal I still start this from the moment I get the first bit of old lead in my greedy hands. The fourth goal is the hardest and longest and its where my collector self comes into play, the fourth goal is all about collecting all the odd bits and pieces for that force such as Limited Edition or Uncatalogued/Unreleased or variant sculpts and can does take forever. In fact i have never completed the fourth goal as there's always something else lucking out there that I want.

Now when it comes to the fourth goal i have gotten quite lucky in the last month sourcing 3 Uncatalogued  2nd Ed Greenskins (One i didn't even know i had and was even found in my ''To sell'' pile :O )

So below are my lucky finds (Pictures from Collecting Citadel Miniatures)

Space Ork Freebooterz - Freebooter Boy 7

This Freebooter was a Ebay buy, i paid a little bit more for him then i happen to do for most my Ebay buys but what can i say i really wanted him.

Space Ork 1991 Runt - Runt with net and mushroom

Space Ork 1995-6 Death Skull Loota Nob

Right my old gits, until next time have a beer or 6 and keep fighting that good fight aka getting the Wife to let you buy toys.


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  1. I never realised that that Loota Nob was sought after, I got 2 in a dirt cheap lot of those Lootas during my great Ork hunt.
    As often happens, I paid a little more than the usual for FB#7 and then got him as part of a lot for a pittance.
    I generally start out with an army list and work from there, avoiding repetition where possible.
    When it came to Orks my problem was that Í originally planned for the traditional large core of Goffs and smaller mobs of additional clans but those smaller mobs ended up snowballing into armies of their own.
    Orks are just way too addictive once you start collecting them.


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