Thursday, 6 June 2013

Orks! Orks! Orks! Orks!

So as the title suggests this post is all about Orks so ain't you lucky?

Anyway yesterday (yes yesterday) a nice package came though the post from Mutantdale (A member of the BLOOD forum) containing amongst other items one of the Holy Grails of RT/2nd Ed Ork collecting..a Battle Wagon!

After a quick dip in Dettol, I had a 3-way game of 40K while i waited for the Dettol with my Genestealer Cult against Black Legion and Dark Angels.

There was a few missing bits and a little damage, but nothing major and to be fair it gave me an excuse to have a bit of fun converting.

4 hours later and i was finished, pictures below what do you think?

So that's not the only update i have for you, i also finished a few more Boarboyz:

So until next time, feel free to follow this blog and comment.


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