Thursday, 27 June 2013

Goblinaid Giveaway!

From GoblinAid FB page:

''Something different for GoblinAid - Andy at Heresy Miniatures not only sculpted a new Gobbo for the GA set(s) but also kindly donated a handful of original master castings of the model.

I'll be listing a VERY limited edition of these on the GA eBay page soon, but in the meantime, for a chance to win one yourself free, just leave a comment on this thread and share the GA page with anyone you think might be interested''

So head over to GoblinAid FB page HERE for your chance to win one of these baby's :)

Also for you Ebay heads there's a rather tasty Gobbo being sold by GoblinAid HERE

So support a good cause and buy some new toys :)

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