Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Many of you may remember Herohammer also known as 4/5th Ed Warhammer. These are the days when you had mighty Vampire Lords upon Emperor Black Dragons which could fly high and do flying charge out of the sky anywhere it wanted. These where the days when battles where decided by a handful of powerful heroes, the massed ranks of both sides serving only as cannon fodder for their blades.

I started to probley game at the beginning of this era of Warhammer, and i have to say i kind of miss it. I play 8th Ed quite a lot and i really enjoy the massed Infantry in horde formations that are promoted by this edition. But there's something missing and that's the Hero's.

Still maybe its nostalgia talking and it wasn't all glory. My first game of 5th is still quite fresh in my mind, I was fielding my new and shiny Big Hat Chaos Dwarfs as White Dwarf had just released there Army Book. My Lord took to battle folly tooled up with Helm of Many Eyes (Always Strike First) and Executioners Axe (Always Strike Last but chance of killing blow) and Heart of Woe (When you died you exploded). Arhh which reminds me of the HoME Vs EA which one told president do you strike first or last?

So there was my Chaos Dwarf Lord a combat machine leading my force forward into the ranks of the most hated foe.. The Dwarfs! Then came my shooting phrase and my massed Warmachines took aim, i started off with my Death Rocket and aimed at a unit of Bugman Rangers trying to flank my unit of Big Hat Warriors containing my Lord. My Death Rocket scattered and hit my Lord and killed him straight.. so much for Herohammer after all!

Image from Coolminiornot

So what's your take on 4th/5th ed? Did you play it? did you enjoy it?

I'd love to hear your views,
Until next time,
- Chico


  1. I did have a few games of this =) I loved the deathrocket when I used it in a large multiplayer game at my local store the thing scattered most of the way around the board area I was on before crashing uselessly in front of a treeman, and being unable to fire for rest of game I think? (not so sure on the last bit) I still have that white dwarf presents book... my force was a hodge podge collection of a few chaos dwarfs, a few hobgoblins and goblins and orcs from warhammer quest I think? I sort of miss what the game was, but have had some wonderful games of 8th edition. I do rather like the rules and balance it has.

    1. I do play 8th but enjoy 3rd ed and as the Oldhammer movement grows it's getting easy to find a game of it,

  2. I loved 4th edition back in the days: it was deranged, broken, full of contraditions about rules , but the HEROES were as migth as Achilles, full of pathos and invincible as the Glory Itself .... Nowadays i much prefer 6th and 3rd but HeroHammer is fondly remembered


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