Sunday, 17 November 2013

15k hits and a little side project

So it's been 7 months since this Blog went live and we now hit 15k hits (With the last few months all getting 3k plus hits).

So I'd live to thank everyone for coming and reading the crap that I post at random every other day. So to say thank you I'm going to show you one of my next side projects:

EM4 Savages

These can be bought here at EM4 Miniatures for a very low price along with a number of other gangs suitable for Necromunda/RT/Confrontation.


  1. Congratulations on the 15,000 views!! :)

    I look forward to seeing how you do the EM4 Savages too. They are a nice range and I they found fit in well with Mark Copplestones other miniatures in his later Future Wars range.

    1. Thanks Lee, The EM4 Savages are my 30th Birthday pressie to myself so I think I may have bought too many for my needs lol. I'll check out the Copplestone ones cheers for the heads up.

  2. Happy Birthday. :)

    Here's the link to Copplestone Castings future wars range:

    I bought some of his Scavengers ages ago to go with the Savages and Scanvengers I bought from Grenadier in the very 1990's which now form the EM4 range. I built a small post-apoclyse army for skirmishing with them. I was going to do an update on them soon too, so your timing is very coincidental!

    Have fun painting them :)


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