Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Swamp Ratz - Part 1

The Tribes of  The Swamp Ratz have lived within the Underhive for millennia and treat it as a living Deity much in the same way as their distant kin the Ratskin . They believe the Underhive is both generous in its bounty and merciless in its vengeance. They have little to do with the Hivers and are rarely encountered, preferring to steer clear of the heathens who desecrate their sacred hive by poisoning its sacred places.

I'm a happy man my Em4 Miniatures came this morning, sadly it was 1 figure short dew to be out of stock.. oh well shit happens but i'm still more then happy with the order and will be placing many more (Shhh Don't tell the wife).

So after a few weapon swaps and a few arm bends here's the first look at my Swamp Ratz:

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