Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Swamp Ratz - Part 5

What's that another post about your bloody gang? Yes! This time with actual perfect pictures!

The last Necromunda game, Van Sad Vs Van Sadder
Kris the Man Whore!
Tom the Veggie Lover


  1. great to see some decent shots of your figs Chico! They look fantastic!

  2. Great photos of great models Chico !
    You can now relax on you sofa with a drink and say "I F-ing did it !"

    These are just perfect for Necromunda and confrontation, just colourfull enough and the wepon swaps are just enough to tie them in the 40K universe.

    1. Thankies, I just ordered a few more for EM4 yesterday, so more to do on these yet. Then I need to start work on my other gangs i'm yet to source.


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