Sunday, 1 December 2013

Combat Zone - EM4 Miniatures skirmish game

Combat Zone is a 25mm skirmish game set in the near future. At the end of the 20th century the governments promised that the Internet and World Wide Web would be made available to us all, it would be in every school, library and public building. Unfortunately this never happened. Society was split by those with computer skills and access to the information and those who didn't. Corporations familiar with the ways of the Net grew more powerful. They fed the populace with biased information, digitally remodelled pictures, everyone believed what they saw or read was true. Governments were brought down by scandal. Important ministers employed by the Corporations. The population turned to the only ones they could trust, the ones who provided them with jobs, housing, and leisure facilities, the Corporation. They built secure zones within the cities. The local police force were employed by the Corporations to police these zones. Those of no use to the Corps were left outside the Corporate walls to fend for themselves. They lived in a harsh, violent, and lawless society. The only people for them to turn to were those with money, and power. The Gang leaders, drug and arms dealers. They provided them with food and shelter, and an identity. They were part of a Gang, and they had a purpose. To protect their turf from raids from other gangs or attacks by the neighbouring Corps, who formed military units to eradicate the gangs. Life was lived in a Combat Zone, and there was no escape.

A bunch of mercenaries have occupied the local Tavern. Time for a take-down........!
The figures are em4's painted Mercenaries being attacked by some of em4's plastic Troopers.

A western Police Squad (figures: em4's SWAT team) confronts a patrol of eastern Troopers (figures: em4's plastic Troopers) in a border area of the Combat Zone.

Rules Overview
You can choose to be troopers or gangers. Each group must have leaders, and you can choose a hero as well. Quality of men ranges from green to elite.

Turn Sequence
The turn sequence is as follows: - Compulsory Actions (e.g. rout which involves a movement towards nearest table edge, or robot malfunctions), reaction tests (panic or rout can be suffered as a result of shooting or close combat), initiative, and actions.

Initiative is decided on the roll of a D4, D6 or D8 depending on group coherency, and reactions.

Each squad and gang can then move in turn. Figures are moved individually a set number of actions depending on their quality. Average figures get 6 actions per turn. Each action has a cost e.g. a move of 5cms is 1 action, opening a door is 1 action, taking an aimed shot is 5 actions etc. For example in one turn an average figure could move 5cms (1AP), open a door(1AP), prime and throw a grenade (3 AP’s), then move another 5cms (1AP) or drop down (1AP). This has proved to be a very fast and flexible system of movement and combat.

Each weapon (stats for 12 firearms are included) has a rate of fire depending on what it is. Shots can be fired singly or as a burst. Figures can also be put on opportunity fire, or fire aimed shots. Grenades both frag and smoke, along with missile launcher rules have been included, along with some heavy weapons. A range of armour is available from primitive, to combat suits.

Close Combat
Close combat is also action based decided on the roll of D6’s or D8’s depending on whether the combatants are normal figures, gang leaders, or hero’s, modifier dice are used for the weapons in use (D4’s or D6’s). D6’s or D8’s are used for the wound roll along with modifiers. The result, as in shooting, can lead to death, rout or panic.

EM4 plastic Gangers not bad for £2.55 for 5

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