Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Warpstone Magazine Issue 25

So as the regular readers of my Blog know I'm a Fimir lover (Wait that sounds plan wrong), So for those who also are a fan of Fimir I'd recommend reading issue 25 of the Warpstone Magazine. Which can be ordered here: Warpstone.org

Warpstone Issue 25 Cover

Issue 25
Reviews (Sigmar’s Heirs, Plundered Vaults, Old World Bestiary, Denizens of the Empire)
Fragments – the latest news and reviews
The Fimir: Ruinous Inheritance – So good, we gave it a cover of its own. The rest of the issue is dedicated to one of the most popular of WFRP creatures.
Contents & Introduction
Ruinous Inheritance 
A Fimir Bestiary 
Fimir for WFRP1 – Supporting material and stats for WFRP1
Fimir for WFB6 – Fimir army list for WFB6.
Fimir – The Art
Legion 6 – A few things that we couldn’t fit in the main article.

Throughout the northern Old World and all around the Sea of
Claws folk speak of the Fimir. Although the name Fimir is not
always used, similar stories of murder, theft, abduction and
bloody sacrifice are told around the communal fires of isolated
fenland villages and cosmopolitan port taverns alike. Coachmen
give nervous, earnest warnings to their colleagues to keep their
blunderbusses ready when the mist rises across the track.
Merchants bid their guards be extra wary when travelling to
Marienburg through the Wasteland. Mothers threaten
misbehaving children by reminding them what happened to Old
Gregory's daughter when she went late to the river for water.
From out over the moors, strange calls are heard when the moon
is full, or at least that is what the old folk say.

In spite of all the tales, the Fimir remain a mystery. There are
people who say the Fimir worship Daemons, but there are others
who insist that the Fimir are Daemons; both beliefs are
accompanied by fearful hints of suspected blasphemous
atrocities. They believe the Fimir can come and go with the
mist, which they can apparendy turn into a choking, killing fog.
Few are certain what the Fimir look like beyond having a freakish
single white eye. Some claim that Fimir have horns, others that
they do not, and everyone disagrees in their descriptions of
Fimir tails and skin colour. Fimir captives or dead bodies always
seem to vanish mysteriously before they can be brought back
to civilisation, which adds to the enigma. Nobody knows what
the Fimir really want or why they live in filthy stinking bogs.
Nobody knows what the Fimir believe in, although word has
spread of a terrible god named Balor whose eye slays all it gazes
upon. The Fimir appear to prefer kidnapping women, but take
men as well; the apparent bias toward the former has given rise
to much cruel and lurid speculation as to their motives, but just
what happens to the men who are taken? What is known about
them is usually exaggerated or distorted; what is unknown is
made-up, based on the cruellest and most sinister interpretations.
All that is certain is that the Fimir are a mystery to be feared
and hated, but mosdy by those who live closest to the bleak and
lonely lands that the Fimir are believed to frequent. Of those
who have lost friends and loved ones to the Fimir in the distant
or recent past, only the luckiest of them have had the certainty
of a battered, bloody corpse.

The reputation of the Fimir is an abominably poor one: a race
of thieves, of murderers, of rapists, and probably in league with
Daemons. Most people know litde more than that and care even
less, but after all, just what is there to know about murderous
Bog-Daemons that live in the mire except that they should be
wiped out to protect civilisation? And that is if people even
believe in the existence of the Fimir in the first place; not
everybody does, especially in the more cosmopolitan parts of
the Old World. The Fimir have become all-purpose bogeymen
in popular imagination, every kind of villain rolled into one
deformed and ugly package. This is not wholly unjust - by almost
any Human standard the Fimir are evil - but it isn't the whole

The only true goal of the Fimir is survival, but they can only
achieve this by theft, kidnapping and murder. Their lands are
often infertile, so they must raid Human setdements for food;
their few females are infertile, so they must kidnap Human
women as unwilling brood-mares; and, not surprisingly, Humans
loathe them, so they must lurk secredy in the mist or fight and TO
kill to stay alive. The Fimir have had to follow this terrible road
for millennia now; none can foresee its end and not many more
are looking for it.

Terrible though they are, the Fimir are not creatures created by
the transforming touch of Chaos. They believe themselves to
be the descendents of a union between a Human woman and a
Daemon who had nothing in common with the truly dark
Daemons of Chaos. The tales of this union, the murder of the
Daemon father and the expulsion of the Fimir children from
their mother's homelands form the foundation for Fimir nature,
belief and behaviour, and are vital to understanding the Fimir.

Meargh, She-bitch & Caller of the Mists


  1. A rather disturbing cover to say the least...
    I'm quoting warlord Paul here but Fimir are a bit rapey aren't they?

    Pics of your army Chico or it vanished in the dark mist of a remote bog...

    1. Well pictures will happen in the new year, but if you look on my FB there's a few pics of my finished Jabberwock called Tim

  2. An awesome collection of fimir lore. Nobody calling themselves a fimir fan can do without this issue. It formed the basis for the background to my own army.

    1. There's some great bits in this issue, i bought 4/5 months ago but never gave it a good read until this weekend. There's also a load of crap in it too heh

  3. Great post Chico! I will look out for this issue, thanks for the heads up.

  4. I have a few old editions of warpstone from back in the day, including this one. I wish they would just release them as PDFs though. I'd buy the lot.

    1. Heh while I wouldn't advertise illegal PDF sharing, most if not all the Warpstone Magazines are online in PDF form is someone were too look...

    2. But then I couldn't buy the lot.....

  5. I've tried hard not to read it, I'd rather devise my own background. There are some nice pics in there though.

  6. If anyone has a spare copy kicking about; I desparately need one! Please contact me at


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