Monday, 9 December 2013

Reaper Bones Part 4: Jabberwock

So once again I'm trying to use another of the Reaper Bones range, this time the Jabberwock

Bones Jabberwock
The Jabberwock with eyes of evil (not included) comes smashing through the cold and damp swamp (also sold separately), comes in 5 separate parts. The parts are: right arm (the mini's right, not yours), 2 separate wings, the head, and the rest of the ugly bastard.

The ugly bastard (I shall call him Tim) is quite large, and all the separate parts fit remarkably easily with a tab and slot system (though glue is needed to secure them in place because they also slide apart remarkably easily).

When Tim arrived in the packet (From Miniature Heroes only 36 hours after I ordered it) the base along with Tim's legs was slightly warped.  A slight problem, easily fixable.

There is a few things to be aware about when using bones though.

First off, Bones are cheap. That's a big advantage right out of the gate.

Bones plastic is bendy and slightly springy. I do not care for this much, but in practice it hasn't really been much of a problem; it really depends upon the figure. At least when a figure has antennae or frills or such, I don't have to worry about them breaking off in storage, so there's that.

Some of the figures have undergone some warping in shipping. I've had decent results in fixing this by heating up a mug of water in the microwave to boiling, then dipping the warped Bones plastic in the mug. The plastic then becomes especially pliable, and I can move it back to its desired position to reset the "memory" of the plastic.

The figure can get a little crushed, and spring back in ways that would never happen with pewter (it'd be permanently squashed to that position) or hard plastic (it'd be broken). While I generally don't want to subject my minis to that sort of abuse anyway,

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