Monday, 10 February 2014

Warband of The Bane Mistress, The collecting Part 7

Arhhhhh what a fecking week the last 7 days have been in the Danks Household. I'm glad that's over with and proper hobby time can resume.

Thanks to a few trades I'm now down to only missing 7 Dark Elves.. trouble is I'm having a hard time sourcing the ones I fancy/need. As you seen for a earlier post I've already had to bow down and except plastic into this Warband.

So anyway enough rambling on about shit and time for pictures!

As you can see the plastics blend in quite well with Mr Naismiths Citadel range, but are slightly on the chunky side.. One too many of Slaanesh's Cream Pies eh? heh.

3 more Brides of Slaanesh has also been completed bringing the total painted to 15 with 3 left to finish.

So comments welcome, and lurkers be sure to hit the follow button for lots more foul jokes and sexy times!


  1. Somehow these guys remind me of your genestealer cult could be the snow. Your all about the snow sir!

    Interesting way to paint units too, I normally collect then paint a unit in one go, but you do it piecemeal as it comes in. Do you find you do things differently on miniatures you collect later?

  2. Heh aye it's my 3rd WhFB3 army with snow bases, I think all my WhFB3 Warbands/armies will have snow bases from now on. Actually I tend to paint figures in groups of 1-3 (mostly singles) at a time, in a as and when bases, rather then focus on a single unit even if I have the whole Unit to hand. I have most the DE's I need but I'm still jumping from Unit to Unit as it keeps my interest. As for painting consistency I'm rather set in my painting style (Grim and dirty) so nothing really changes. :)


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