Monday, 3 February 2014

Warband of The Bane Mistress: Fluff Part 2/The Army List O' Doom!

Below is my 2000 point Army list for my Cult of Slaanesh along with unit names/fluff and random pictures of shit.. because well I can! It's my Blog and I can post shit if I want too!

Brides of Slaanesh taking care of a Tree Hugger!

Lord Snar is Lord is name only, he has no real power as that lays directly with the Bane Mistress herself. Using her female quile  and Demonic powers she keeps Lord Snar on a very tight leash. 

Lord Snar the Fallen: lvl 20 Hero - 229 Points
Magic Blade - Hellhoned Blade, Dragon Horse (Cold One), Heavy Armour & Shield

The Bane Mistress is the beloved of the Prince of Pleasure Slaanesh and the true power behind the Warband. Having suffered a bitter defeat at the hands of the Convents of the Sorceresses, she now seeks to once again grow her Pleasure Cult and herald in the era of lust and devastation!

The Bane Mistress: lvl 10 Wizard - 140 Points
Cold One

Shadow Viper, Assassin in the service of Mistress. Little is known of this Elf except that it is rumoured he is the product of a coupling of Elf and Pleasure Demon. He only keeps company with the possessed Brides of Slaanesh.

Shadow Viper: lvl 10 Assassin - 88 Points
Poisoned Blade

The Brides of Slaanesh, possessed by Demonettes and folly given over to the whim of they God. In battle they are a deady foe, driven into a frenzy of passion and wielding long poisoned swords and claws. They will pleasure you to death.

The Brides of Slaanesh: 18 Witch Elves - 262 Points
Standard Bearer, Additional Hand Weapons, Poisoned Attacks

Ax the Demon Whisper, is a shunned member of the Cult who is average sorcerer as best. But the Bane Mistress keeps him around as it never hurts to have someone which can help with controlling and binding of monsters

Ax the Demon Whisper: lvl 5 Wizard - 78 Points

Zhara, Champion of the Blades. She is a deadly Warrior which wields a whip like most would use a Flail.

Zhara : lvl 5 Hero - 51 points
Flail, Light Armour

The Blades: 28 Dark Elf Warriors - 333 Points
Standard Musician

Tan & Fang Desneer are brothers with a long standing emity, both lead Crossbow armed Dark Elves and both have long sold there souls to Slaanesh.

Tan Desneer: lvl 5 Hero - 51 points

The Flights: 9 Crossbowmen - 117 Points

Fang Desneer: lvl 5 Hero - 51 points

The Shafts: 9 Crossbowmen - 117 Points

The Hellriders, the shock troopers of the Warband. former Highborn nobles now cast down for there affiliation to the Mistress.

The Hellriders: 6 Helldrakes - 234 Points

Mengil Manhide is the sadistic, cannibalistic leader of a vicious group of Dark Elves known
throughout the Old World as the Manflayers. They travel unseen across thelands under the cover of
darkness, selling their savage skills to the highest bidder and adorning themselves with the flayed flesh of those they slaughter in battle.

Megil Manhide: lvl 5 Hero - 51 Points
Light Armour, Shield

Manflayers: 19 Dark Elf Warriors - 233 Points
Standard, Musician

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