Friday, 7 February 2014

Warband of The Bane Mistress, The collecting Part 6 or those Fecking Crossbows!

Well sorry for the lack of updates this week, sadly my Wife was taken to the AAU ward of Watford General Hospital after having a series of 6 fits in 24 hours (which increased to another 2 while there) and problems breathing, not to mention a bashed head.

So while this was all going on I did manage a little hobby, even if that was managing to source some Dark Elf Crossbowmen.

These were a steal at £2 for the lot, even with missing Xbows and the fact I didn't want plastic

Anyone who has collected Dark Elves will tell you that Crossbows are the hardest to get. My theory on this is the fact that most of these old minis are used in modern editions of Warhammer, were Dark Elves take many a unit of this bad boys.

So the collecting side is almost complete, with only 7 Dark Elves left to get hold of. Yay! and I stayed well in budget so far!
These were traded for on the Oldhammer Forum


  1. They look like they are dis-satisfactorily counting their meagre pay for the week - Thats what happens when your warlord is on a budget! ;) .

    1. They get to work for Slaaneshi perverts, what's not to love? hehe

  2. Hope the missus is feeling better mate.

    1. Aye she's at home now, so resting for a few days, Cheers


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