Friday, 6 February 2015

Blood Bowl: Real Perverts Wear Pink Pt.1

Ummm so I was meant to have this Team started by now eh? But what with Dark Future, SAGA, Blood Bowl Humans the distractions have been big 'uns.

Well not anymore the team has been cleaned up and prepped/primed and I've even got a team name and 2 finished in a single night.. wooo!

Slanneshi Chaos Team all cleaned up and ready for priming. Including Coach, Stripper Cheerleaders, Bloodweiser Goblin and STD the teams Mascot.

Umm at the same time I'll also be painting up this years Oldbowl Cup for the Winner of the first ever Oldbowl BOYL event ran by myself.

Now enough bear lead wanna see some painted?.. no? What are you reading then for! Go away!.. Ahem sorry..

Pink and Black, such a nice pop effect I also got to crack out all my Pinks which have been gathering dust. It the end the Pink is simple but effective:

VGC Squig Pink (Over Black)
Citadel Druchii Wash
VGC Squig Pink
VGC Squig Pink + Citadel Titillating Pink
VGC Pale Flesh + VGC Squig Pink + Citadel Titillating Pink

I'm happy how these 2 turned out, now to get everything else to fit together dispite the team being made up of 6 different manufacturers.

As always comments welcome :) 

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  1. Fittingly garish pink you've gone with there, Chico. Nice eyes on the belly-faced mutant as well. Looking forward to seeing these all painted up :-)


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