Thursday, 12 February 2015

Blood Bowl: Real Perverts Wear Pink Pt.4

Painting has slowed down the last few days dew to it being bloody cold in the land of Chico and my Wednesday game night, but have no fear I have painted up a fine pair.. of should that be 1 with a fine pair hehe.

Um... Boobs!? Boobs... Boobs Boobs!

And a bum shot... heh while no doubt impractical for Blood Bowl I'm sure she'll get a few Blitz actions :D That brings my painted count up to 8 with another 12 more to finish.

I also bought this chappie yesterday:

He'll be my Max Spleenripper the Chaos Star Player, as yesterday on eBay the official figure sold for just under £20 and I'm not paying that much for a single 28mm figure and my own conversion didn't quite work out. Rather Slaaneshi if I do say so myself :)

As always comments welcome boys an girls


  1. Hasslfree figure? No doubt she'll have peoples' eyes out with those steel tipped nipples! The pink hair looks great :)

    1. Yeah Hasslefree's Football Kalee, I have the Kalee ''Kaaleb Daark'' figure in my Chaos army so I had to get this version too :D

  2. Your team's progressing nicely matey.

    Is the plan to use her to distract your opponent whilst you nip in for a touchdown?

    1. Heh heh heh. 'Nip' in.

      I'm so mature, me.


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