Thursday, 5 February 2015

SAGA: Battle Report - ''Alliance of Broken Promises''

Tonight at my local club I had the chance to play a 3-way SAGA game while rather entertaining and had it's enjoyable moments, it sure had it's problems like all multi-player games suffer from. I'd like to try a 4 player game to see if that balances everything out.

Rather then doing a play by play which would be rather confusing I'm just going to give a brief highlight and show off the photos which weren't blurry (Yes I know, blurry is my norm heh)

Welsh - Tree hugging hippies
Vikings - Warriors of the Gods
Anglo-Danish - Back Stabbing Bastards
Turns 1-3

The Welsh take the trees as cover while loving up the Levy to prepair to hit anything in range with arrows/

The Vikings move left away from the Welsh's point sticks o'doom towards the Anglo-Danish.

The Anglo-Danes moved forwards forming a shieldwall against the on coming Hairy Hoard.

Turns 4-6

The Vikings and Anglo-Danes clash before withdrawing back and forming an uneasy alliance.
The Welsh slaughter the Viking Berserker with a hail of bow shots and Javelins. .

Turns 6-7

The Vikings try to crack the Welsh but fail to even dent it.
The Welsh slaughter the Vikings with super death sheep.
The Anglo-Danes break the truce and attack the Viking Herthguard putting me out the game and will forever be referred too as ''The Git''

Turn 8

The Welsh and Danes clash, it looked like a sure fire Welsh win but they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory lol letting the Dane Warlord eat them.

While A fun game I have learned a lesson, at any chance in any multi-player game facing ''The Git'' I will do everything to screw and kill even at the cost of losing myself hehe, Oh there will be blood my OoaB reader.. there will be blood lol

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