Sunday, 27 December 2015

Happy Hoildays!

A tad late but it's been Chaos (And not the good Slaaneshi kind either) in the Chico Kingdom.

But to all my friends, followers & readers of OoaB I'd like to wish you a happy holiday.

Anyway I'll leave you this image for you daily ''Awwww'' when I tried to do some painting yesterday:


  1. I hope you have had the chance to get some miniature time in Chico-Chops. Seasons Greetings!

  2. PAINT . . . . . .THE . . . . . CAT, . . . . . .PAINT . . . . .THE . . . . .CAT!

    and of course hope you had a lovely Christmas ;0)

  3. Happy holidays to you too! :)

  4. Oh gods Riot Ville their are so may levels with the first part of that comment you could go (or be taken) with regards Chico and this blog, lol.

  5. Yes I too have the feline assistance force, as much as a pain as they are sometimes they are good company especially if you ever drop a bit on the floor, they'll show you where it is damn fast.
    Merry Christmas and Slaaneshi is no the good king of chaos sorry.


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