Saturday, 5 December 2015

KoW - Abyssal Dwarfs review

Yes it's another Mantic/KoW post this time checking out the Abyssal Dwarf range (Aka Khaos Dwarfs).

Now before we start I should make clear that I'm a Chaos/Evil Dwarf fan and tend to own many companies versions including a very sizable WhFB3 CD army and Mr Clam's Ewal Dvergar as a Mordheim Warband.

But I feel it's time to invest in some Mantic Abyssal Dwarfs, yes under no sense can be classed as Oldhammer but feck it lives too short to worry about such nonsense (Not that I do of course).
So Abyssal Dwarfs as a range eh?

What goodies do they have to offer?

It is common knowledge that all Dwarfs love gold and jewels. But Dwarfs are governed by a strong moral code, dictating that the only riches that one truly owns are those that have been earned with hard, honest toil – “with the sweat of the brow and the callus on the hand holding the pick” goes an ancient Dwarven adage.

But not all Dwarfs show such fortitude. At the time of the God War, The Father of Lies, great among the Lords of the Abyss, spied a weakness in the heart of the Dwarfs, a shame that they will not own to. It is greed, above all, a perverse longing for gold can only be sated by the hard work of others. Seduced by the promises of the Father of Lies, some Dwarfs will begin to covet and eventually take the wealth of others employing guile, threats and, ultimately, violence. In the end, when a Dwarf takes another Dwarf’s life to satisfy this greed, there is much rejoicing in the Abyss, as another Dwarf has lost his soul forever – another Abyssal Dwarf is born.

The greatest, most cruel and wealthy of the Abyssal Dwarfs often lead great armies into battle. Mighty Overmasters, armed with ensorcelled weaponry and covered in the most impenetrable obsidian armour, bellow orders to their own warriors. Mysterious Iron-Casters unleash the twisted fire-magic or Ariagful, the evil Queen of the Black Flame, and summon her Abyssal servants to the field in order to do their bidding alongside the monstrous Half-Breeds and other strange war-engines that they have created. 

The Abyssal Dwarfs march to battle alongside a great many magical creatures, many of which are more evil than evil the Iron-casters that summoned them. 

Obsidian Golems are an exception. Little more than soulless constructs, they cannot be classed as evil as they have no minds of their own. They unflinchingly commit atrocious acts, doing as they are instructed from the moment they are imbued with life-force. 

This makes them ideal pawns of their masters’ will, and a terrifying prospect upon the battlefield.

Halfbreeds, these debased monstrosities, product of the Iron-casters’ insane crossbreeding experiments, often have the body of a quadrupedal Abyssal creature and the upper torso of a Dwarf.
Dragon Fireteam, Fiendish weapons that spew great gouts of alchemic fire, these weapons teams consist of two trained operators and a canister of highly volatile, flammable liquid.

So those are some of my favourites, while there are some real duds in the Mantic ranges I feel the AD has the gems.

So keep a look out in the new year as I feel a army of these aren't far off from showing up on the pages of OoaB.

Cheers for reading!


  1. Those golems look nice. I hadn't noticed them before.

    1. They are great kits and a bargain value too!, The Greater Golem is also amazing and will get added ro my AD's in dew time... but I must not get ahead of myself far too much other bits to get painted first :)

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