Sunday, 10 April 2016


'Ello my OoaB readers I have some goodies (Baddies?) to show you today.

If you remember from Back to War..master? Blog post I'm back working on my 10mm and despite the problems with my eyes I'm rather enjoying..

Well ok maybe not the bloody basing which is a pig even with using texture paint.

Well thats enough prattle it's time for pictures of toys!


I've gone for a tad brighter scheme for most of these as it's 10mm I found I needed the brighter colours to help them stand out as I was painting them.

Bot5A Orcs making a good stand in for my Goblins, with there mate Bob (Big Ol' Bastard).

Still some more needed to be painted, Lotza Trolls, Chariots and a Rock Lobber. Of course I'd like to add more to this force but funny enough 10mm is bloody expensive for Rank and File. 

Well thats ya lot today, hope you enjoyed it.

Ta ta!


  1. Love the trolls, never got any of those, are they the LOTR trolls?

    1. They are from Kallistra along with the Chariots/Lobbers/Ogres/Giants :)

  2. Great work on such tiny figures, I've tried painting 15mm and that's hard enough in it's own right, I'm too scared to try painting 10mm.....


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