Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Back of Beyond - Chinese Painted Pt.6 (Army Shot)

Welcome Readers, Minions & Future Bot Overlords.

We have reached Pt.6.. Yes! 6!

So while I have been painting up other projects (Some of which will be posted soon) I haven't stopped painting my beloved Nationalist Chinese.

I would say I'm not 80% towards total completion.. not that any force is really complete.

So pictures!

I had my first game of Bolt Action with these on Wednesday last week against a Mid-War Free French force.

Dispite a French FAO dropping a Art Strike on turn 2 wiping out 2 12 man Chinese Squads I managed a win by using 2 risky charges from the Dare to Die Corps (Big Sword Squad) and the small mounted Squad.

I was able to sweep the flank and while using the free 14 man Levy Squad as a human shield in the centre manged to avoid much of his fire from 2 Light Arty pieces towards my more useful units.

So you may have noticed from the pictures the real draw back to this force is lack of Armour.

Now you know I like my AFVs so I'm going to have to fix that and pick up some German 222's AC's and another Panzer 1B.

 Whelp that's your lot for today, next post will no doubt be back to either Boromites or some new shiny new Winter German's I've been working on.


  1. Can the Nationalists take a T-26? At least that way you'd have access to a mobile Light AT option as well as the nifty Light Autocannon on the 222.

    Really loving seeing all these getting some paint. A very interesting force and one not seen very often at all. (I think there's one player at my LGS who has a Chinese force?)

    1. Yeah we can have T-26 Model 1933, around 80 were used by the KMT as their MBT's.

      If there were more mainstream ranges that produced a Chinese range I'm sure they'll get more use. More so if it was for the X & Y force in late war Burma.

  2. What an amazing force - congrats! And good luck on rounding them out with some armour!

    1. Thanks Mr S, I'm sure they'll get some more armour in due course but it'll have to wait as I've now switched to painting up some new Germans (Both for my Winter Force and my Last Levy force).


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