Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Horus Heresy: Fulgrim the Illuminator

Good morning loyal readers and fellow Heretics.

Another random post this but I've kind of gotten my Sci Fi Bug back again and have been painting lasercannons and pew pew stuff (Technical terms those).

Anyway you may remember way back in June last year I posted some Emperor's Children.

Since then they were gathering dust unloved. But by chance while rooting though my Lead Pile I came across something I forgot I had (Happens alot).

A limited run (300) Kabuki Models not-Fulgrim.

I think I picked him up cheap off Ebay at some point but even new these weren't that expensive.

Wow I should have filled in that cape gap but it wasn't so noticeable from arm length.. meh lazy Chico.

Below you can see a scale shot, he's a wee bit thinner than his power armoured sons. Mr Vain must be on a new diet or something.

Since 30k and 40k are now becoming 2 separate rules sets (30K is staying 7th Ed rules) and I happen to hate those rules I really doubt these will get any 30k gaming use.

I'll just run them as Loyalist Marines in 40k and save myself a few quid on buying a army.

Anyway thanks for looking and Ta Ta for now!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Chico. I love that rich purple on the flowing cape.

  2. He looks great mate!!! I love his stance

    1. He was meant to be lending on a statue but I removed it for this base.


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