Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Bolt Action - Winter Soviets

Welcome comrades to the glorious Red Army.


Ok, so I was sorting out my Soviets after a game and I thought unlike my other WW2 forces I have yet to show any of these on here.

So here's my completed Soviet force so far, as always these are just the painted ones. The unpainted ones can stay hidden hehe.

The great thing about a Soviet force is that unlike say a German force their weapons/equipment/uniforms didn't change too much throughout the war meaning with just a few changes these are suitable for all eras from the Winter War to the Fall of Berlin.

Above are the Baker Company Miniatures Winter War Soviets that I picked up cheap from someone who bought into their Kickstarter.

I have to say they are horrible sculpts and rather poorly cast. I'm thinking of replacing them with the new Warlord Games Winter Soviet metals that came out a short while ago.

For the most part everything is Warlord Games, Black Tree Design and Crusader Miniatures.

Above are the feared Black Death, Soviet Sailors. I have another 8 of these to paint for a full platoon.

Below are 2 3D printed Gaz Trucks, a female sniper team from Bad Squiddo and a MMG for the Black Death Platoon.

Still lacking Armoured Support atm but I do have a KV1/KV2 sitting in a box waiting for some love. I'd like to add a few more bits like a Gaz AA truck (4 linked MMG's) and maybe a T28.

So that's your lot for the moment, thanks for looking!

C&C always welcome,

Ta Ta for now.


  1. Infact they look "Very Cool", smashing painting Chico and yet again, those fantastic snow bases, love em :-)

  2. Most impressive and atmospheric (love the bases!) army...great job!

  3. I didn't know you had Winter Soviets too??? They look ace mate!
    You're right about the Baker Co sculpts. Flippin horrible.

    1. These were my 2nd Bolt Action force I did after the Germans, they don't get used much and the fact I forgot to take pictures of them goes to show it hehe

  4. What a massive force! Congrats - they look just magnificent, especially with the wintry terrain.

    1. Plenty more needs to be added yet, it's lacking anything big and beefy


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