Thursday, 10 May 2018

Bushido: 3D Printed House and Scatter Terrain

Welcome loyal readers who still like to punish themselves by reading my ol' somewhat hobby butterfly Blog.

Nothing too exciting today I'm afraid with just some scenery for my WIP Bushido 2x2 gaming board.

As you know I like my 3D printed stuff and I'm lucky enough to have access to one to print off (within reason aka don't take the piss) anything I want for the cost of the materials.

The house prints/file was from the resent Tabletop Terrain for Japan / China which had the option for most ''scales''.

This one is scaled for 32mm so is quite a large building and costs the princely sum of £4 in materials, I have a 2nd hopefully slightly different varient style house coming soon (It's in the very large print queue).

Last of all I finished up some scatter terrain, they are just cats from Hirst Art moulds and bought of Ebay for about £5 for everything shown minus the cart which is a bits box find.

That's your lot for today, not sure what the next posting will be or when as next week is going to be a real killer with a Family Funeral and my Wedding Anniversary within a day of each other.. ugh bad timing.

Thanks for looking, as always comments welcome.


  1. That's a great price for a building, only £4!!!! Very interesting, and love the crates etc :-)

    1. Yeah it's a very large too being 32mm scaled, so 2 or 3 won't break the bank and cover a nice bit of footage :)

  2. That's a great price for the building - I've been using the ttcombat line (Eastern Empires?) as they have some nice and reasonably priced stuff. Only needing a 2x2 table to be filled feels easier that 6x4 ad no mistake!

    1. I like the TTCombat MDF buildings as they are very low cost. If I wasn't using printed stuff though I's use the Funei Plastcraft pre-painted ranges, cheap and low cost.

  3. 3D printed terrain is about as deep a dip into the world of 3D printed gaming stuff as I'll go. Vehicles and minis tend to end up looking not up to spec imo, but houses and scatter terrain like you've shown here don't need to be as finely detailed.

    2x2 is a nice playing space. Very portable and not too much required to purchase for it to decorate appropriately for a game.

  4. It all depends on the files used and how good the printer is for quality so it's alot of variables to 3d printing that's for sure. I have some shocking poor prints and some amazing ones so it's all swings and roundabouts.


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