Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Bushido: Battle Report(ish) - 40 Rice Savage Wave Vs Tengu

So readers as promised in the previous post I'd do another Bushido Battle report/photo dump.

This game only last 2 and a bit turns due to some bad (good?) dice rolling and I also missed a couple of the end pictures due to a dying phone.

Savage Wave Vs Tengu
40 Rice
Scenario: KEII

Type: Scenario Objective

Baseline Deployment

6 Scenario Objectives (Small)
2 Friendly, 2 Neutral and 2 Enemy

Game Length: Fixed (6)

Scenario Objective Interaction:
Prayer (5) (Simple)

Victory Conditions:
To the player with most Scenario Points
at the end of Turn 2.
To the player with most Scenario Points
at the end of Turn 4.
To the player withmost Scenario Points at the end of Turn 6.

40 Rice is a rather odd point limit as it's tends to be 35,42 & 50 Rice games but we are stilling learning as this being only are 3rd game.

I went with a mixed Bakemono and Oni Warband with only 1 upgrade card (Poison on the Boomers).

2x Bakemono
Bakemono Boomers

Pat went with what he had painted, the Tengu Starter Set and 4 Upgrade/Event cards which I forget now.


The opening turn both sides steam forward and both of us use 2 of our 5 pray tokens to pray at our friendly totems (Marked in this game by upside down Kei tokens).

The Tengu at this point are being very aggressive and forgetting how far Oni can charge (Charge is 2x Movement while a Run is only 1.5x).

The Bakemono with the bow misses a clear shot at Taliriktug but I expected nothing less *Mutters*

But the Boomers hit with a Poisoned(1) shot for 3 damage on one of his chickens (Zenkibo).

This is where it all goes pear-shaped for the Tengu, Zuba makes his 10" charge and 1 hits Taliriktug (Zuba gains 1MS on a charge making him very nasty combined with his Fear and natural Strength) with Pat's activation he try's to move into BtB with Zuba but fails his Fear test and stays put.

I then activate Kano my Onisho the other big hitter, Pat try's a Snare from one of his abilities that Nuniq has (Tricky Chickens) to stop me but I roll high enough and avoid being snared.

Kano finishes off the poisoned Zenkibo and with that the game is called and a win too the Savage Wave.

Good game if rather short and I'm sure we made the odd mistake, next time I'm guessing my big hitters won't get free reign as they did here.

That's your lot and thanks for looking.

As always comments welcome.


  1. What did you think of the combat mechanic? I hear it's one of the most fun parts. I've been inspired to finish my boards and enough terrain for a game or two so I need to try this out when the gaming diary permits....

    1. I like it, the combat reminds me of playing Rock, Paper, Scissors :) Overall I rather like the game and hopefully the local playerbase around me might start playing giving more than 1 person to play (Though he is working on a 2nd Warband, Ito) and I'm working on my 2nd Warband.. opps said too much lol

    2. Thanks for the thoughts on the game, Chico. Your report makes me very much wish to check it out. I find the idea that a wargame could be "rather short" as quite an attraction. Did you think it was too short?

    3. This game ended rather quickly, as the dice luck all went one way and not so much because of any tactics used. I would have liked it too go on longer but wouldn't have been much fun for Pat. Other game of this I've played went on longer so this may just be a extreme case.


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