Monday, 21 May 2018

Bushido: More Savage Wave, House & Torii Gate

Good morning/afternoon/night my loyal readers of the darkest dankest Blog of Vice and Dice.

I've been a bit lax updating this Blog with my efforts mostly being on posting on Fannybook for ease and pure laziness on my part.

But I have 2 Bushido posts coming up for you reading pleasure.

First is a general update than tomorrow a Battlereport/photo dump of my latest game.

Warband so far, 13 buggers with 3 more to finish.


The latest 3 painted, Uk-Kang, Bakemono Boomer & a Oni Slave.

It is unknown when the beasts of the wave started taking captives. These are no hostages though, they are put to work or put to the sword by their less than benign captors. The blood of the Oni sends the slaves into a rage on the battlefield, allowing them to achieve feats of strength they would not have dreamed of back in the fields.

The first of the Dai Bakemono to come to the fore, bigger and stronger than all but the Rinsho Bakemono, Uk-Kang has earned renowned for being fiercely protective of his brethren and it has been noted by the Council of Shadows.

A lot could be said for the subterranean races’ savage and cruel practices however their ability to adapt and change based on the environment and resources available cannot be ignored, their resourcefulness is something to be admired when considering the scarcity of materials offered in the dark places they claim as their own. Now with the world in turmoil, ravaged by war, the bakemono tribes pick the battlefields clean like maggots at a wound. This has led to the advancements of the Prefecture being turned against them. The boomers are one such example of this, two brave and possibly a little stupid bakemono eagerly working the famous ryu arquebus to deadly effect. 

So that's not all I've finished I also finished the 3D Printed house and Torii Gate to a basic gameable level.

That's your lot for this post, as always if you like what you see please comment as it gives me the motivation to pull my finger out and finish off stuff rather than project jumping.

Ta Ta for now!


  1. Very nicely done - my main opponent will be savage wave, so I'll be watching to see if I can get any tips on what they're not good at!

    1. That's cool mate, Savage Wave tends to play in 3 differnt ways: Mixed, All Bakemono and All Oni. Honestly I'd dread facing someone who used a All Oni list.

  2. Really draw to your models Chico, they are full of character, look forward to the report.

    1. You should give the game a bash mate, free rules and cards and just use whatever figures you have :)

  3. More sweet looking figs mate. Nicely done indeed. :)


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