Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A new project

Well it's that time again.. a new project, this time it's Chaos Squats. I've been promising myself a Chaos Squat army since I was 14 and sold of my Squats to buy the new  SoB that got released (Which then got sold to buy something else in the years hehe). Now as my 30th birthday is only 6/7 weeks away I though it was prime time to start.

So I'm after any and all Chaos Squats and a large chunk of Squats.

My trade list is here:

Chico's trade fodder

Many thanks


  1. Good luck will look forward to seeing you doing squats soon
    Peace James

    1. It's going to be a long slow burn project to run beside everything else I have to do lol

  2. Fimirs, genestealers and now chaos squats, you really like to pick the easy ones don't you? Why not collect ambulls or pisceans ;)
    I'm sorry I won't be much of an help on this one, I have to say chaos squats are also on my list (why didn't i f-ing buy them from mail order when I had the chance?)
    Good luck anyway mate !

    1. Heh I don't do normal/easy, part of the fun is hunting everything out. I've got 7 squats so far... so long way to go yet lol


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