Thursday, 31 October 2013

Reaper Bones Part 2

So I finally got my Bones order from Miniature Heros after a mistake on their part which was admitted too and fixed straight away.

So lets have a look at what I got:

Opps sorry the last one should of course been Virina, Female Demon :)

Not painted by me, but stunning paint job

So what do I think about Bones? Well I was disappointed if I'm honest.. They are quite small compared to what I was expecting. Virina is tiny but even in Bones is well detailed, The Purple Worm is also smaller then expected. Now the Troll is great but seams even more bendy then the smaller Virina.

Out of 10 these get a heathly 7/8


  1. Size doesn't matter they say...
    Nah, anyway, if the details ar ecrisp at least you get to paint boobs which is always nice !

    1. To be fair I think they may just end up in my trade fodder (Apart from the worm who will become a hellcannon)

  2. Looking forward to seeing how you tackle the worm er... Painting wise that is.

    1. Heh you going to have to pay to see my worm ;)


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