Thursday, 24 October 2013

Instant Mold the trials..

So the other day I picked up some Instant Mold and Milliput (you can read about it HERE) and spent the last 2 days playing around.

So what have I learnt?
I jumped straight into the deep end and started with 3D Object molding, which with Instant Mold Push Molding have both plus and negative over Resin Casting.


Usable with both Green/Grey stuff and Milliput


Hard to line up both sides of the mold 100%
Milliput sticks to the mold
Needs boiling water
Milliput takes along time to set
Soft details when used with Milliput

Well anyway I've made 4 molds and 9 casts made from Milliput (I now have made another 3 molds but are untested), 3 casts came out well enough to use. 6 were misaligned at best.

I'll take some pictures when they are painted next to the originals, but details are alittle soft so I'm going to switch to Greenstuff after the rest of the Milliput is used up and hopefully that'll improve the cast rate.


  1. Very curious to see what come sout of your experiments, Green stuff is even more sticky than milluput and nearly as stiff ! If resin doesn't take your fancy, could fimo be an option, I know it has to be cooked and hence could be damaged when relaesed from mould but it's something to try too maybe...

    1. Green stuff ain't even close to be as sticky as the Milliput i'm using lol, wet fingers is also a good trick with green stuff :)

  2. I found greenstuff works best. I made my moulds inside a lego frame, so when you're pushing the model into the mould it has nowhere to go but into the detail. I also completely encased the piece I was casting and then cut the mould carefully in half to release the piece. I usually then cut a small hole somewhere on the mould to push in the greenstuff. I used the end of a paintbrush to pack in the greenstuff until it was impossible to feed any more in. That gets you better casts. I've a tutorial here:

    1. A good trick with the box frame, going to give that a bash. I also my latest molds include a full single encasing (Lasgun) so lets see how that turn out :)

  3. Do you need to of let the putty cure a little bit first perhaps?

    1. Yeah I'm letting the Milliput cure 15mins in long strips and using 60% Hardener, but its still too sticky/tacky for my personal liking. Still its all good, and i've had some good results after a bit of trial and error.


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