Monday, 21 October 2013

Happy 6 Months Old!

So this Blog is now 6 months old, so Happy Half Birthday! (Feel free to send presents heh)

Of course there's cake..

Come to Chaos.. We have cake!

So where does the Blog stand now, well the Blog is growing with each day getting more then 100 hits and currently stands on 11k Hits and 42 followers :)

So what's next? Simple.. I'll keep doing what I do now (Well ok I might stop posting shit pictures.. heh might)

Current army projects and future plans:

Genestealer Cult: This is my baby and will keep growing and growing in preparation of the next Oldhammer Bash.

Undead: I still have 2000 points of these to paint and show off, so plenty more to come!

Orks: Arhhh one of these days I might get to game with them, but I don't mind they are a joy to paint. Painting red/white strips on Freebooters was also a first for me heh

Fimir: These are my very slow burn project, plan to be game worthy in around a year or two.

Future Plans:


  1. Happy blog day mate, hope the icing on the cake is real blood and not some tomato juice or strawberry shit :D
    Plenty of projects is just what we need to keep oursleves busy ;) you've chosen some very good ones at least !

    1. Psssh everyone knows real Icing is made from Human Souls ;)

  2. Happy blog day indeed. I continue to watch for posts on all the exact same armies I love myself!

    1. Heh, now stay away from my Ebay Auctions *Shakes fist* ;)

  3. Happy half-birthday Chico, congratulations. I see you have collected 52 flags on your flag counter too! Hello to our friends in Chile! Hi Columbia!

    1. Heh yup just like Pokemon and STI's you have to collect them all ;)


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