Friday, 17 January 2014

Arhh balls.. I've gone and done it again!

So I've gone and done it again! Did what? I hear you cry!..

Well I've started yet another project, 'cause you know I need another of those like a hole in my forehead!

So last night after getting home from a rather nice evening in my local pub enjoying a number of Guinness & Black's I stumble back and end up going on the Oldhammer Forum like normal. Out of boredom I start looking at Threads in the Showroom and I open up pahvivalmiste's wonderful Dark Elves.

That was the final straw and I cracked.. It was time to start a Oldhammer Dark Elf Warband.

So where too start, first of all I've given myself a total budget of £100 and the rest will be trades (Or donations, thanks Charlie). It's going to be built to 2k using Warhammer Armies.

Now I know Marauder isn't too everyone's taste, but their Dark Elf range is one of my favourites and always have been. So my plan will be to get as many of these as I can.

So now I need to be realistic and rule out some of the rarer stuff like the Chariot as my budgets to small.

Bloody expensive bit of old lead. 
A must include is also Mengil Manhide's Manflayers, slotta of course :)

And thanks to Axiom I have a Hydra (Along with a handful of other DE's) on the way :) But it killed a quarter of my budget.. Opps heh.

 So if any of you have some Dark Elves for sale/trade or just want to wish me luck then feel free too :)

And don't worry these are still into the collecting phase so won't stop me painting the Chaos Squats :)


  1. This guy's DE nearly got me to start an army too. His isjust simple and brilliant !
    You coul add some Menilboneans to them, I find them to fit very well together.

    I do have an upper torso of a DE if you're interested (in the trade page of the blog), this is a start !

    Good luck mate, We've all been through this (and will be a couple more times too).

    1. This time at least I have a plan and a budget. So hopefully it shouldn't hurt too bad to do this force, plan is too collect them all then paint the army. In the mean time I'll continue to work on Squats and Necromunda/Combat Zone

  2. Ooops! Sorry for taking up so much of the budget...I hope it was a fair price for the bunch :s

    1. Hehehe, have no fear It was more then a fair price mate :) Always wanted the old Hydra so I jumped at the chance to own one :)

    2. That's kinda 7 heads of awesome...


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