Monday, 20 January 2014

Dark Elves: Warband of The Bane Mistress Fluff part 1

In the cold land of the North lays the home of the Druchii, bitter and twisted Drow. Sinister Elves which worship Khaine the God of Murder (And nipple pinches).

Besides the worship of Khaine, a sizeable portion of the population has also secretly kept alive worship of the Chaos God of Pleasure, Slaanesh. The Cult of Pleasure, led by Morathi, played a major role in the Sundering of the Elves of Ulthuan, but was considered heretical after the founding of Naggaroth and was brutally suppressed as the worship of Khaine became prevalent. Centuries passed, and the Cult grew stronger in the shadows and secret places of the six cities.

The Convents of the Sorceresses, also headed by Morathi, are implied to be power bases for the Cult (this is why there is a sect enmity between the Convents and the Cult of Khaine). As the Storm of Chaos engulfed the Old World, the Cult rose to prominence once more when Morathi and her sorceresses raised a substantial army from Warbands of Slaaneshi-worshipping Hung tribesmen (human followers of Chaos) to the Cult, and marched them through Naggaroth. In response to this, underground members of the Cult openly joined Morathi's growing war host. Using her supernatural beauty, shrewd political mind and powerful magic, she turned the Cult and its allies into her own private army and invaded the lands of Lustria to the far south, seeking to plunder the vast wealth of riches and magical artefacts kept by the Lizardmen and their Slann masters.

Though they were repulsed by the reptilian denizens of Lustria, the Cult of Pleasure returned to Naggaroth in strength, having acquired much physical and magical wealth from the invasion, and have openly displayed their status as devotees of Slaanesh. This open display of prowess and hubris enraged Hellebron, the current leader of the Cult of Khaine and Morathi's chief rival, who has begun to gather the Cult of Khaine to confront Morathi and her Slanneshi allies. Because of this, and with the armies of Malekith (who both hates Chaos and views the Cult of Slannesh as a threat to his power) attacking far-off Ulthuan and thus unable to intervene, Naggaroth currently stands on the brink of civil war.

Warband of The Bane Mistress is one such group that gained such power during such times, before being outcast when they tried to seize power from the Convents of the Sorceresses. Now outcast the Warband numbers in the low 100's trying to reclaim what they have once coveted.

And to end part 1, something that made me laugh:

Part 2: Characters and Units.

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  1. Nice, looking forward to your coven of depraved Dark Elves regaining its strength through acts of unspeakable vileness - which I am hoping you will speak of at length!

    1. No doubt they'll meet some vile uncouth Greenskin ramble on the field of battle at some point, and show them the way of the Prince of Pleasure. :)

  2. All very good, but exactly how hung were these tribesmen?

    1. Hung like a horse... not sure why anyone would want to hang a horse though ;)


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