Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Warband of The Bane Mistress, The collecting Part 1

After a week or so of hunting Ebay/Forums/Trade Groups the first packages of Dark Elves are now arriving with many more to come.

This is the collection as it stands now (So much more left to both track down and too still arrive)

Some still need to be striped, but they are building in number.
2 preslotta Cold One riders, both will be getting new riders (On the way in a Job Lot)
Start of Warrior Unit 1, most of this unit is bought/trade for already. Just need the postman too bring me them :)
Some of my favourite Dark Elves, having a hard time getting these.
Witch Elves from Mengil Manhide's Manflayers (Donated by CC)
Troopers from Mengil Manhide's Manflayers (Also donated)
Sorcerer, Assassin and Witch Elf
This without a doubt will be a rather enjoyable project and my Budget is only half spent so far :)

Comments welcome.


  1. Its really coming together!. I had aload of these back in my youth its great to see them again!. Dark elves have so much potential fluf wise with all the brooding and vengeance and bitterness they have lots of character and layers to explore. Have fun with them!

    1. I have had a soft spot for the Dark Elves since WhFB4, and I always looked at the older ranges. Now I get to do it right and have a full WhFB3 army.


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