Friday, 24 January 2014

Warband of The Bane Mistress, The collecting Part 2

Been a busy few days on the Dark Elf front. With many packages coming thick and fast and I even painted up the first Dark Elf in 15 years!

Today I've also been busy starting work on my Brides of Slaanesh ( Demonette possessed Witch Elves).

So enough talking I bring you pictures!

Lord on Dragon Horse, Thrall to the Bane Mistress

Always liked the idea of possessed Elves, and the idea of the Brides have been floating around for awhile.

WIP, a bit of putty work left to finish
Waiting for the putty to work before trimming and rounding out on the right arm

Comments always welcome to keep me motivated, and donations more so ;)


  1. Excellent,
    I like the dynamism you have achieved on the horseman and the subtle colours with the reigns and shield. That snow looks cold too!
    The posessed Dark Elf is a great WIP.

  2. Thanks very much,gone for a rather simple paint scheme so I don't get bogged down and end up getting bored. Looking forward to getting craking on the brides of Slaanesh but part of me is sad to cut up too many oldies.

  3. Those parts are coming together nicely, the Marauder Witch Elves are well suited to serve the Lord of Pleasure and Pain. I've taken inspiration from your project and started painting an Orc Champion of Slaanesh with his retinue of three Snotlings.

    1. Heh that's a great idea, Slaanesh pretending to be a Ork God called ''Pork'',

      Err boss.. you want me ta do wat with da Squig?


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