Friday, 31 January 2014

Trolls in the Pantry

Gobbos eat very strange things and they eat nearly all the time. The only time Gobbos don't eat is when they are out looking for food. The wander around smelly caves and tunnels looking for a really nasty thing to munch on the spot or to collect to their pantries. Gobbos eat worms and custard, coal and mice, fish heads and slime and lot of other horrid stuff. Trolls also eat lots of things. Trolls eat most of the time. Most of the time Trolls and Gobbos just get on with eating their own nasty messes. But if a Troll ever gets in a Gobbo's Pantry, then he will eat everything that is in there! Its the game of greedy gobbos and grotty grub.

Be the first Goblin to fill up your pantry before the trolls clean it out.

I think the middle one is HAWT!

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