Thursday, 23 April 2015

Dark Future: Battle Report - Anarchy Cult Vs Panzerheads

So happy St Georges day everyone! and what a better way to celebrate it then get a 25+ year game out and kill people eh?

Ruleset used was the modified ''Tournament Rules'', with a extra helping of ''If it's fun then do it''

Modified standard rules included:

 Double road sections
Rolling roads (Once the lead car gets 1 whole section ahead the back section gets removed, meaning no more then 3 section deployed at one time)
More Cars (And a bike)
Turning/changing direction

Mines get layed, are they duds? Take the risk?
Ramming Speed!

By the end both Panzerheads ''Bonebreakers'' were in bad shape and the bike was destroyed, oneAC Car was destroyed and the other down to 2 HP.

We called it a win to the Panzerheads


  1. Looks great, would love to get a game of this in. I've even grabbed a couple of my sons hot wheels cars and added them to the conversion queue; I've got a plan!

    1. Recommend starting with the Tournament rules as it's rather a good way to learn the game and just mod it from there.

  2. Thanks for battle report and good advice, recently bought two boxes of this great game!


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