Sunday, 5 April 2015

Evil Space Dorfs: The Awakening Pt.1

So with the first 4 of the Evil Space Dorf's being released for a little while it was now time to let loose the first part of their background. The first part I have titled as ''The Awakening'' which starts off on the Dorfs Homeworld.

Gnarish IV
The Awakening

The tale of the Dorf's is a sad one which hails back many terran centuries, for they weren't always evil of mind and black of heart.

The Dorf's home planet of Gnarish IV was a high gravity industrious world in a distant some may say somewhat familiar Galaxy. The chief export was an oil rich semi-liquid substance mined from the deep ocean floor caverns of the north-western hemisphere. Used to power everything from powered armoured suits to starship engines it was a highly controlled and sort after commodity.

Sadly this was all to change, as the Dorfs dug further into the caverns strange things started happening, Dorfs would complain of what looked like pairs of green glowing eyes in the darkness and that would be accompanied by a heavy coppery tang that seemed to hang in the air. As they progressed and the deeper they went Dorfs would happen too go missing for hours on end only to turn up later unharmed but somehow changed and filled with unrelenting passion to dig further and quicker at any and all means.

The Dorfs so affected in this way started showing physical changes over time, the back of their skulls would start to elongate and they spoke with slow stilted words, such Dorfs were then isolated from the others. Such is the way of heavy industry though it barely slowed down and continued digging deeper..

So there we have it, Pt. 1, What are those green eyes? What's happening to those affected Dorf's? What will the digging turn up?

Thanks for reading, comments always welcome.


  1. "green eyes, you caught me all on my own...
    without much hate in my heart, now I just tear things apart...

    green eyes, you knew what i was digging for...
    now you make me say prayers for, dark gods that for me do not care for..."

    ^to the tune of "blue moon"

    1. O.....k.... heh weirdo ;) You fit in well here heh


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