Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Necromunda: Scavvy Gang ''Slaughtercore Entertainment'' Pt.1

So I'm still in the middle of Necromunda fever (Knew that was a bad batch of Slaught) and I now have 4 gangs being worked on at once (Pit Slaves, Redemptionists, Ratskins & Scavvies) to go with my other gangs already done over the years.

Anyway today I'd like to show you the start of the Scavvy Gang 

''Slaughtercore Entertainment'' 

As these will mostly be for my wife I let her choose which models she liked from whichever range she wanted. she started with a good rummage though my lead pile and dragged out these 4. 2 Scalies, 1 Mutant and a LE Citadel/Foundry Fishman, the grey Scaly has a quick repaint/touch up while the other 3 were painted from scratch.

She was also let loose on eBay and has ordered a few bits including a number of the 2003 Scavvies, a few older ones and a some odds and sods like Reaper Bones.

A few of the WIP/Next to be painted pile.

I've also been finishing some more terrain for the next game to make it a bit more dense.. someone say a bit like me heh.

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  1. Cracking post Chico, and I absolute love that Fishman paintjob... lovely work on the eyes and teeth, and a great base to boot. The metal cogs really make him appear 'like a fish out of water' ;-)

    Some very nice looking minis to come too, though I see the buggy has been pushed to the back and smothered with foot soldiers. The canine model looks interesting though, as does the chap with a falcon on his arm? I hope the missus got some good deals for the Scavvies on Ebay as I've found their prices quite horrific in the past (i.e. £15 each).

  2. Heh Falcon? From from to back:

    3 Scavvies (2 2003, 1 OG)
    Lass with wings made from a Reaper Bones
    Laying on the floor is a Demonblade Shaman
    Then the Cyber doggie
    2 Pit Slaves, Buzz Saw and Chainblade

    As for prizes the 2 2003's were £2.50 each, the older chap was £3.60, the painted mutie with the big hand claw was £5. Both Scalies and Fishman I already had. so not too bad :)

  3. Fantastic!!
    Amazing looking models.

  4. Really lovely stuff, the fishman fits in a treat!


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