Monday, 30 May 2016

Blood Bowl: What!?-Fords Part 4 - Time for a Upgrade? Downgrade?

So along time ago ( Jan 2015), Ok not that long ago in the grand scheme of things I finished my Human Blood Bowl team the What!?-Fords which were named after my home town Watford and even used the colours of the Football Team (Yes I'm not a Football Fan but rather a Rugby Fan).

You can see what was the final post HERE

The team as it stands now
Now honestly I'm not that happy with the team, Why? because it's a Hybrid team of 2nd and 3rd Ed players and they just don't jell to well together.


1: Change all the 3rd Ed to 2nd Ed
2: 2nd Ed to 3rd

I think I prefer the 2nd Ed players but I have more 3rd Ed,, 


So I also have a bag of extra 2nd Ed players (3 Plastic and 3 Metal) along 2 2nd Ed painted not shown in the picture above and 10 3rd Ed (9 Plastic and a Metal Star Player).

So what too do?

Damnit 2nd Ed it is!

I got a feeling hunting for some of these may make my paypal account cry.

Still a nice slow burn project to jump too when painting 10mm,Camo or Mordheim gets too much.


  1. A nice little side-project indeed Chico, though I think you do yourself a mighty injustice, as I think your painting pulls the 2nd and 3rd Edition minis together rather nicely. Good luck with your searching :-)

    1. Thanks. I don't dislike either the 3rd or 2nd ed minis but together they just don't jell well. Still I'm going to end up with 2 Human Teams so it isn't all bad :D

  2. Good choice going for the 2nd edition option!

    1. Glad you approve.. no eyeing up that Ogre though ;)

  3. There's a chap on the FB Bloodbowl Community selling of some second ed human stuff as we speak.

    1. Which BB group? I'm on 4 BB groups so lots of stuff tends to slip by me Thankies


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