Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Tale of 4 Oldhammer Gamers - Pt.10: 20 Half Orcs

So my counts this is my final To4OG's post as these takes me up too 1000pts .

Note I missed posting a month due to camera problems, but I still painted up a Hobgoblin Battle Standard in that month which hasn't yet been shown but I'm saving him for next month as part of a full army shot.

Right this month I repainted my Half Orcs clothes and cloaks which I first painted for Orctober 2013.

Much happier with them now.

Just need to finish a movement tray and I'm calling it a day.

Boy going for a horde army for To4OG wasn't my cleaverest move hehe

Anyway Ta Ta for now!


  1. Well done Chico, you can sit back and relax now!

  2. Horde armies RULE!

    Nice work dude, will we be seeing these at BOYL?

    1. Yes Sir, all 4 of the Tale of 4 Oldhammer Gamers armies will be there slugging it out on the Sunday.


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