Friday, 13 May 2016

Chico Does Mordheim: Pt.16 - The Congregation of the Twin Tailed Comet

Hey boys and girls if you remember from this post The Random Cultist Project I picked up some of the fantastic Frostyballs Cultists to use in Chicoheim™.

I have to say even being plastic they were a joy to paint, it allowed me to try a brighter then normal paint scheme without worrying too much.

The first 5 have been painted and because of how well the first sprue went I've ordered another sprue of 5 and plan do some kit bashing with some Griping Beast plastics as you get many spare heads and arms/weapons.

I'm thinking I'll run these as Mercs rather Possessed as I want Crossbows (They come on the sprue and look tasty). I'm hoping I'll get the full Warband painted in time for a possible game next month in Ilford, but we might end up gaming something else instead hehe.

Thanks for looking and Ta Ta for now.


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