Saturday, 14 May 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday Bloggy!

Just a quick post but it's my Bloggys 3rd birthday.

Started back in 2013 when Oldhammer was still very new and nowhere near as popular. I've watched the movement grow to a staggering amount of people/project/Blogs/groups.

While  have somewhat moved on from Oldd School gaming into a wide range of other games the Blog was always the one constant that hasn't changed much, that is bad jokes, blurry pictures and lots of typos.

Anyway here's to another few years! 


  1. I love that cake - I should have asked for something like that when I ticked over 42 years the other week.

    Oh and don't worry if you have moved onto other things other than Oldhammer - main thing is you are enjoying what you are playing. And what you are painting.

  2. Happy Birthday! Here's hoping for many more!

  3. Blessed be the blurry photos and typos.

    Happy birthday

  4. Happy birthday Bloggy, long may it continue!!

  5. Happy birthday, a toast to many more years!

  6. Missed this post somehow. Congrats Chico!


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