Sunday, 19 March 2017

A Random Gift Unboxing

Heh while the above picture would indeed be a rather random gift.

That's not what I'm on about right now,

You see a good friend of mine and opponent (Well was anyway) gave up the hobby in the new year due to ill health.

He sent me a picture which you can see below asking if I was interested as it was the last of his stuff and knew me well enough to know I love my free toys.

So we arranged to meet up and he hands me 2 large bags of stuff going ''Oh I found this as well, keep it or sell it''.

How could I reply apart from ''Have my babies!!'', so standard response then eh?

One bag was full of built TTCombat Scenary, It's all Batman City stuff.. sadly no use to me but he said around £80 worth overall. (If anyone plays Batman/Superheros and wants them for a few quid then let me know , collection would be best as they are built, postage would be a real bugger).

Not bad.

Now the 2nd bag,

So highlights include:

Bolt Action: USA Army Book
2 Modern Rulebooks
8 Warlord K'47 German Heavy Infantry
Warlord US Marine Anti-Tank Gun & Mortar 
17 Warlord German Fallschirmjäger
14 Warlord German Grenadiers
20 Tank Crew (Random nations/companies)
15 Black Tree Soviets (Random stuff)
Random heads/tank bits/guns/gubbins
2 White/Red Russian Cav (Will we going into my BoB Chinese)

Looks like I won't need to be buying much for awhile *Coughs* On maybe some stuff..

Thanks for reading and Ta Ta for now.


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