Monday, 27 March 2017

Bolt Action: German Winter Wehrmacht

So the last Blog Post I showed you all my WW2 Winter German Armour, now here's the the Wehrmacht Infantry to go with it.

So we have 4 Squads each with 2 SMG's and a LMG. most games I run double Platoons (So I can get more Armour in the game) so these always get used but sometimes only as 6 man Squads without Panzerfausts at smaller point games.

Notice no Assault Rifles? Even though I tend to play Late War I'm just not a fan of them in BA2 (Big Nerf) and much rather save a few points and run SMG's.

Snipers, Panzerschreck, Light Mortar and Officers.

Honestly while I love the figures the LM and PS never get used, never have the spare points sadly.

Whats a German force without a MMG or 2 eh? I always try to include one if I can, plus with the MMG/Pivot boost of BA2 they aren't that bad.

Right-o next post I'll be going back to the Chinese and boy have I been bust with them :)

Ta Ta for now.


  1. Bet they look great alongside the tanks you posted the other day, smashing work :-)

    1. Thanks, if I ever want to repaint this force again.. shoot me ;)

  2. Mate, these look ace! Artizan sculpts?

    Really like that tall tripod on the MMG - don't see those very often.

    1. Cheers, yeah for the most part Artizan with a few Wargames Foundry (MMG teams) and the odd Crusader and Warlord. I really like the AA tripod mount even though it's not practical for frontline work.


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