Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Back of Beyond - Chinese Painted Pt.2

Good Morning/Afternoon my loyal OoaB'ers!

New week & a new post (Yes I know it's Wednesday but I didn't want to post too early and flood you with my awesomeness).

So carrying on with the BoB Chinese and it's starting to look like a force.

So first up is a Captain/Commander/Other with 2 assistants with WW1 era Submachine guns and his trusty Umbrella.

Yeah I know, I taken another uniform liberty with painting the Adrian-style helmets blue. Didn't fancy green or black.

9 rank and file Nationalists, another 5 left to complete this Squad including a Banner and Bugler.

I will have 2 Squads with this set up when I'm all done 

A MMG/HMG depending on rules/fluff, still need a 3rd crewman which I didn't get in my trade.

I've also started on 2 hand painted banners which I'm not happy with but alas I have no printer so they will have to do (Pictures next time).

Well thanks for looking.

Ta Ta for now!


  1. Solid additions Chico. I like the red umbrella - nice way to make him an easy target!

    1. It's more for me to spot him then the foe ;)

  2. Smashing painting and lovely bases :-)

    1. Thanks, I have added some snow to the bases now though :)


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