Monday, 7 August 2017

Beyond the Gates of Antares - Herts Shard Meet Up No.2

Last night was the 2nd Herts Shard gaming night, just the 2 of us this time but still a rather fun day of random banter, dice rolling and rules we got wrong :D.

We played 2 games, the first we stopped after turn one and moved terrian around and reduced the table size after the first game became clear it wasn't making for a run game.

Below are some pictures of the 2nd game

Boromites Vs Ghar - 750pts

General Summery:

The Ghar powered up their Plasma Amps give them 8 Order dice the same number as my Boromites.

The Command Crawler showing just how big his weapon is and with 3 Order Dice started picking off a Boromite Gang Fighter Squad (Unless gits they are anyway hehe)

The Lavamite Rockmites and Handler after taking a hit lost a 'Mite but then passed their test and ended up rapid sprinting up the centre out of line of sight .and even avoiding a pin as well.

A X-launcher lands a Net on the Outcasts, 2 pins.. meh!

The Ghar move up Battlesuits on either flank but all Plasma Amps have burnt out giving me a Order dice advantage.

The Work Gang takes down a Battlesuit and a charge from the 'Mites take out the remaining 2 in combat but losing their Handler and another 'Mite which passes his Command Test now to bugger off.

My phone died at this point but the Outcast Squad received another 2 pins taking them too 4, the Command Crawler finishes off a Gang Fighter Squad dispite going down and a Assault Battlessuits makes it into combat on the left, after a bloody combat (Read: poor dice rolling) 3 Gang Fighters and 1 Battlesuit are dead.

We end the game here as it was getting late and called it as a Time Limit Draw.

Over all I know what my Boromites need now and that's some long range Bang Bang and a 4x4 table with line of sight blockers makes for a much more fun game.

Hopefully we'll get another meeting before the next Gates event at Warlord HQ


  1. What can the Boromites bring that is more shooty?

    Good report mate. (And not a loss!)

    1. Other than the Brood Mother which is a large 350pts gun platform mounted on a giant Lavamite there is only Weapon teams until Warlord bring out the Boromite big field guns and Vec's.


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