Sunday, 1 October 2017

Beyond the Gates of Antares - Warlord HQ Bootcamp 09/09/17

A little late posting this on the Blog but these pictures have been posted elsewhere already (Beyond the Gates of Antares - Herts Shard & Beyond the Gates of Antares (IMTel)).

So the core members of the Herts Shard myself, Martin and Simon headed up to Warlord Games HQ early on a Saturday morning for a day of dice rolling, Pizza, tea and good light hearted banter.

We of course stopped on the way up at the infamous Watford Gap services (No not my ex!.. She goes by the name KFC Bucket 😉) for some fuel.. also known as Maccy D's.

The day was jointly ran by Pete of the Primus Shard & Gameface fame along with Warlord HQ themselves and I can't forget the other helpers such as Tish who kept us well supplied.

Sadly not many pictures survived the lighting conditions and my shaky hands so these will be a quick photo dump.

 My first game was against Ben and his Freeborn. We came up with a quick backstory where we were ex-business partners where he sold me some dodgy Mag Guns and we were fighting over our stash (2 crashed Drones, also the mission objectives).

After a close game it turn out a draw as our forces was just too damned slow to take both objectives.

The 2nd game was against the man known as ''Phil not on Facebook'' another good game where again lack of speed slowed down the game to where I won it by sitting still.

So last picture was our lunch, I felt it needed to be honoured in this Blog post as it served us well.

Accept for that green stuff that someone called a ''salad''.. neverheard of it myself...

Well I cap this post of by saying thank you to everyone who both ran the day or came and had a chat with me and made it an enjoyable day.

Also thank you to the Herts Shard for the driving and putting up with me.

Ta Ta for now!


  1. Great posting, Chico. So very glad you're enjoying your Boromites - still slowly working my way through my initial 500pt scouting force, but yours look to be a tough-knit army on the tabletop :-)

    1. Honestly I'm not enjoying the Boromites their playstyle doesn't suit me, they are just too slow and close range orientated. I'm hoping Rebel Ghar may suit me better.

  2. Very very sexy, but gratuitous, Pizza shot, I am shocked :-) Glad to see you had a good day

    1. If you would like time alone with a Pizza for a small fee it can be arranged ;)

  3. Looked a fun day of rolling dice.

  4. I knew a girl called KFC, but that's a story for another day.

    Lovely looking day of games and.... umm... I can't eat pizza, so that pic just looks like the 20 lbs I recently lost.

    1. Was she finger licking good? I lost 20 pounds last night.. it was in a pub ;)


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