Monday, 16 June 2014

Challenge Week: Sci Fi - The Results!

So the 6th Chico Challenge Week™ comes to a end with 10 people submitting their stunning entries!

I have to say this was a hard choice and I've thought long and hard on a winner, but first enjoy the following entries:

Space Crusade Dreadnoughs by Bluey Zarzov
Eldar Knights by Richard Legg
Female Eldar Trader by kingedisboss

Rogue Trader Marines by Aiteal
Rogue Trader Inquistors by Simon Meinhardi-Dale of Picturesque Ruins

Lady Nkiruka by Anti-pixi
By skittifink
Reaper Marines by James Holloway of  Gonzo History Gaming

Necron by Tom Ray

So that just leaves the winner!.... Drum roll please!

And the Winner is!!!!

Bratt Ganger By Axiom of Magpie and Old Lead
Thanks to everyone who took part and if I missed your entry then let me know and I'll add it too the post :) And of course well done Axiom with your stunning Bratt, contact me about your prize whenever suits you.

Next Challenge Week will be in 2 Weeks time! so stay tuned!


  1. Woohoo! First time I've ever won anything online! Thanks Chico...looking at the other fantastic entries, I can see why the deliberation took so long.

    1. Good Job axiom, prize will be brought up with be to BOYL unless you wish it posted out. (Just like the last prize giveaway Challenge Week you won't get told what it is until in in your hands heh).

  2. Excellent choice for the winner. An awesome paintjob!


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