Sunday, 8 June 2014

Challenge Week: Sci Fi

Its time for the 6th Chico Challenge Week™

So after the success of the last Challenge week it's time for the next one to get underway. Results can be seen here

So what counts as Sci-Fi, well pretty much anything you can blag and can come up with a reason why. I'm pretty laidback when it comes to what counts. The mail thing is too just have fun and get painting.

Rules and Regs:

1. Once again I will be donating a price, it has yet to be decided quite what yet. But it will be something useful and usable no doubt.

2. You must be a follower of this Blog to claim your prize (So make sure you hit that Follow button on the right)

3. You may enter as many times as you wish, but all entries must be painted in the the Challenge Week time frame.

4. All Entries must be online to 1 or more of the following 3 places:

Oldhammer Facebook Group, but make sure to tag me.
Oldhammer Forum Challenge Week Thread
Your own Blog but message me to let me know it's on there.

5. Winner will be chosen by me and me alone, and I accept bribes ;) The winning entry will be posted on my Blog along with all other entries.

6. The Challenge will start at 12.01am on Monday 9th of June GMT and end 12.01am on Monday 16th of June GMT

So what are you waiting for get cracking!


  1. I'm in. I am pretty sure I have sci-fi models waiting for paint ;)

    1. Good good mate, look forward to seeing your toys :)

  2. i'm in too. Original release Necrons from me. :D

    1. Heh tin-cans on leg eh? Still the better looking of the Necron designs :)

  3. Lets see if o can make this one... I do have a nice rt marine with his arm out flexing it up for the lads

  4. I'm hoping that this challenge will be the push I need to paint my Sensei for BOYL. I'm in!


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