Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Judge Chico: Collecting Judge Dredd Part 4 - Angel Gang Part 2

Part 2 of the Angel Gang posts of the Collecting Judge Dredd series.

Pa Angel
 Elmer 'Pa' Angel was the Patriarch of the Angel gang, a family of dangerous criminals originally from Texas City who Pa preyed on travellers making their way across the Cursed Earth. Pa was enormously proud of his children's violent behaviours and in general wickedness, and as a result would encourage it as often as possible, considering it a strength and a virtue.

Unfortunately for one of his sons: Mean Angel, Pa was disgusted by his quiet, passive personality viewing his mild nature as a disappointment and a weakness. This prompted Pa to kidnap a surgeon from nearby Texas city and force him to perform surgical modifications on his son, transforming the once gentle boy into a brutal cyborg.

Link Angel
Link is the second eldest of the sons and first to be killed by Judge Dread. Not much is known about him.

Judge Child
Not a member of the gang as such but a guiding force controlling the gang at times. A dying member of Psi Division has a precognitive vision that Mega-City One will be destroyed unless the Judges can find the "Judge Child," a boy called Owen Krysler with extreme telepathic and precognitive powers. He also has a birthmark on his head shaped like the Judges Eagle.

 Krysler is destined to rule Mega-City One in its direst hour. Dredd is sent after the boy and tracks him across the Cursed Earth to Texas City where the Judge Child falls into the hands of the Angel Gang who escape from Earth. Dredd uses the ship Justice One to pursue the gang and the Child across a number of star systems and through various strange encounters with alien worlds.

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