Saturday, 28 June 2014

Epic: More Buildings

So as the grind to get everything done for BOYL14 continues, I've made some more progress on my Epic scenery. To help make painting the buildings alittle more interesting I've been adding little details (Ork Trak chasing a SM bike, a Orka-Cola Truck)

Cold refreshing Orka-Cola? No Orksi fans here!

Next lot of buildings to prep and paint
Still plenty more Epic to finish, but at least I should have enough painted buildings for my Bring and Bash Epic games (1 table at least).

Also note I have made 2 orders to Daemonscape miniatures and both times they have been super quick posting AND a freebie in both orders!


  1. Cool, everithing here is uber-cool. I do love all of it.


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